North Texas winds effect on your fence

The recent strong winds in the Dallas metro area have taken a large toll on privacy and other fences. Some areas were hit much harder than others, and we have been inundated with requests for repair and replacement estimates. If you own or are considering installing a privacy fence, here are a few wind related considerations:

Am I in a “high wind area”? – If you live in or near the front range, you are. This means winds can be expected in the sustained 40 MPH range, with gusts of up to 90 MPH. A 6′ high privacy fence with 4 x 4 posts spaced 8′ apart (the industry standard) is engineered to withstand SUSTAINED winds of approximately 50 MPH. This is when the fence is new. As the fence ages, the posts will begin to deteriorate, and a 15 year old fence may have posts that have lost half or more of their strength.

Does/will my fence be facing into the prevailing winds? – Generally, the prevailing winds are out of the West and North West. Your fence may be sheltered by a structure, such as your or your neighbors house.

Does my fence include long runs with little or no lateral support? – Corners and “T’s” in the fence help to strengthen and support adjoining fence lines.

Do I have any loose or broken existing posts? – When the wind kicks up, one bad post can cause the fence to be whipped by gusts, causing extra strain on adjoining posts. This can lead to further damage.

Should I plan for future strong winds? – Frisco Fence can help with new or existing fences. Oversized posts, posts spaced closer than the normal eight feet, and galvanized steel posts are all good options for strengthening your fence. If your fence is more than ten years old, you may want to consider adding new posts to the center of the existing panels to give added support.

We at Frisco Fence are highly qualified and knowledgeable to assist you in designing a fence or gate system to meet your needs and requirements that will withstand the North Texaas elements for many years to come. Estimates are always free.